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Requirements for articles published in the scientific journal "Grain Crops"

The article should not exceed 10-12 pages, line spacing 1.5 cm, margins 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 cm. The text of the article is submitted in MS WORDin Times New Roman font, 12 pt. On page A 4, paragraph - 1, 25 Avoid automatic hyphenation and page numbering.

Information about the authors must be submitted as a separate file indicating: last name, first name, patronymic of all authors, scientific degrees, academic titles, positions, place of work with full postal address - in Ukrainian, Russian and English. The responsible author additionally provides his home address (with a zip code), business (with code) and personal (mobile) phone numbers, e-mail address (his personal, not the corporate).

Articles that do not meet the requirements below are returned to the author (s) with recommendations for changes.

The editors reserve the right to change an article’s title, to reduce its volume, to make editorial changes (technical, literary and scientific editing).

1. Articles accepted for publication must show the results of at least two years scientific research, they have to be of theoretical and practical importance, relevant and not published previously. The article should contain only new experimental data (for the last 5 years).

2. An article should have an attachment: a cover letter of the institution, a review and an expert’s report.

3. It is not allowed to simultaneously publish in other editions an article submitted to the “Grain Crops” journal editors.

4. Before submitting the article, the author should diligently check the correctness of the text’s literary presentation to avoid inaccurate wording, incorrectly constructed sentences that can change the content and make it difficult to understand the text.

5. Articles submitted in Ukrainian or Russian can be simultaneously published in English.

6. Be sure to specify your ID ORCID (numeric identifier). You can register and get an ID ORCID via the link, the service is free for individuals.

7. Specify the UDC.

8. The structure of the article should be the following. The main sections: problem statement (description of the problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks), analysis of previous research and publications; the purpose of the article; research results (with full justification of the data obtained); conclusions (research results and prospects for further work in this direction; conclusions must meet the goal).

9. Abstracts in Ukrainian, Russian and English are added to the article. The following should be specified: UDC, surname, name, patronymic of the author (s), title of the article, keywords (at least 5-6). An abstract in English should be limited toone page (750 words, 2x2x2x2 cm margins), include the authors' names, the title of the article and keywords. It must be accompanied with a corresponding text inUkrainian. The quality of the English translation is estimated by the author's resume. Translation of abstracts into English should be made only by a professional translator.

10. Tables should be submitted in 11 size.

11.  Figures s and graphs should not go beyond the margins (numbers and inscriptions submit in 12 pt font). All literary and numerical designations in a figure should have explanations in the text. For each photo or figure   a link in the text is required.

12. Bibliographic list   should be made in accordance with the “National Standard of Ukraine”: Bibliography link. The main provisions and rulesof drafting. DSTU 8302: 2015. Kiyv SE "UkrNDNTS" 2016.

13. References to the literature in the text should be submitted in square brackets with the sequence number designation of the cited work according to bibliography list. Next to the list of used literature references should be submitted.
14. Spelling requirements: to distinguish between dashes and hyphens (for example: 7–12 cm, 10–14 days, 3-4 hectares, May – June, d-fructose, micro- and ultra-trace elements).

15. Between the initials and the surname put a space (S. A. Ivanov, P. R. Petrov).

16. The title of the article should be submitted in font 11 pt. ,in large letters with two intervals between words.

17. Years should be indicated as follows: 2008, 2009–2011, 1996/98, or 1996/98 vegetation year.

18. Abbreviations, other than generally accepted, are not allowed in the text or in the tables. Do not put a full stopin kg, g, UAH, million, billion.

19. Crop yields should be indicated exclusively in t/ha.

20. Abbreviations to be explained at the first use and left unchanged throughout the text.

21. The first mentioning of any living organism in the text should be accompanied by a full scientific (Latin) name (multi-row barley - Hordeum vulgare L.), after that the genus name in the text should be abbreviated (H.vulgare L.). The names of foreign varieties and hybrids, (including Russian names) should be written exclusively in the original language.

22. The editors send the author a processed article to obtain his consent to the publication.

          E-mail address of the Institute’s Editorial Board:

      Assistant editor Ms. Zavalypich Natalya Oleksandrovna tel. +380987843869


Editorial Board of the Grain Crops Institute at NAAS of Ukraine