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About Us

        The scientific journal "Grain Crops" was founded as a printed publication of the Scientific Research Institute of Corn and Sorghum Farming  at the USSR  Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
        According to preliminary data, its first copies were published in 1931, but recently Institute library workers found in the archives several copies dated 1930.
They were printed by Dnepropetrovsk printing house “Zorya”.


During its existence, the institution was renamed several times, and appropriate adjustments were made to the name of the publication. However, the scientific activities of agriculture scientists have always been aimed at  solving current issues of the  Ukrainian agriculture.
       Our institution’s  development  was boosted  once  the USSR’s Council of Ministers adopted the resolution “On measures to improve the work of agricultural research institutions” on February 14, 1956 . The document contained a paragraph about renaming and founding of  the USSR’s Research Institute for Corn . Due to the above, the Institute’s name was added to the publication’s title “Bulletin”, and later it was published as “Bulletin of the USSR’s Research Institute  for Corn”.

         At that time, the number of copies of each issue ranged from 1500-2000 units. Annually, two editions of the bulletin  were published in Russian. Until 1956, p. the bulletin was not published regularly. First of all, the scientific articles  had to be published in national periodicals.  Secondly, objective  political reasons played a certain role ( Stalin’s time repressions against scientists, World War II  and others).


         From 1992 till 1995, the journal was registered as the “Bulletin of the Corn Institute”. With Ukraine gaining independence, fundamental structural changes in public life took place - legal relations changed and market relations started to prevail in business .Ukraine as a sovereign state had new objectives, it needed the expansion of scientific research in the agrarian sector, in particular in grain production industry. Due to the above, the Corn Institute at Ukraine’s Academy of Agrarian Sciences was renamed into the Institute of Grain Farming at Ukraine’s Academy of Agrarian Sciences. The specialized publication’s title was also changed accordingly - since 1996, the journal was published as “Bulletin of Institute of Grain Farming”. With this title, nearly 40 issues of the bulletin have been published.


        In 2009-2019 renaming of Ukraine’s Academy of Agrarian Sciences into the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of  Ukraine caused some changes in the structure and name of our research institution. Due to the above, since 2011, the bulletin was registered as "Bulletin of the Steppe zone Agriculture Institute at the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine". In the same year, the “Institute of Livestock in Ukraine’s central regions” became an integral part of the Institute. As a result, a new chapter about the livestock industry was added to our publication. It comprises articles on improving existing and creating new highly productive breed groups and lines, improving feeding methods and studying new feeding methods, developing and introducing effective methods of preventing animal diseases in different farming conditions.

However, in 2016 according to the Presidium’s decree of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine dated December 23, 2015 (protocol No. 10), the Institute was renamed to  the State Enterprise  “Grain Crops Institute of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine”. At meeting of the Institute’s Academic Council held on January 11, 2017 (Minutes No. 1), it was decided to change the title of the specialized publication to “Grain Crops”.

Taking into consideration the expansion of the Institute scientists’ relations  with foreign scientists, the editorial board decided to publish the research results and production checks in Ukrainian, Russian and English ;  to expand  readership among scientists who publish and among  regular users, and to increase citing index  of articles published in the Institute’s bulletin as an indicator of  its relevance in the  community of agrarian scientists .

Compiling each issue of the bulletin, the editorial board strictly adheres to the requirements of Ukraine’s Higher Attestation Commission. Due to such approach, the Bulletin has been a specialized publication  for the whole period of its existence.

In our bulletin, we publish materials of  general, problem-staged and methodological nature on the issues of the agricultural industry. We also publish materials devoted to  outstanding dates  in the history of the Institute and to scientists’ anniversaries. It highlights the results of scientific research of the Institute’s scientists  as well as those of scientists who fruitfully work in other scientific and educational institutions.

            The main purpose of the publication is to familiarize the readership with the results of research in the field of agriculture, to ensure or continue scientific discussions outside the team of the journal’s founders on theoretical, methodological and applied issues, to involve the professional part of society in the introduction of innovative developments of Ukraine’s scientists. Here we published the dissertations results for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of agricultural sciences.

The publication is designed for research staff of research institutions, faculty staff of agricultural universities and colleges, doctoral students, graduate students, students, specialists in the field of agriculture.

During the period of Bulletin’s existence, such renown scientists as A.I. Zadontsev, I.K. Artyukhov, F.E. Nemliienko, V.V. Pruglo, B.P.Sokolov, P.I. Susidko, D. S. Filev and many others successfully worked in the editorial board. ,. Now the editorial board consists of 11 Doctors of Science at our Institute, 10 Doctors of Science  from foreign and 7 Doctors of Science  from other scientific and educational institutions of Ukraine and 5 Candidates of Science. The editorial board includes famous scientists, in particular academicians of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine - A. V. Cherenkov, B.V. Dzyubetskii, V.S. Kozyr. This allows to conduct objective internal and external review of materials that are received by the editor. A current director of a research institution is usually appointed the editor-in-chief.

Each scientific issue of the bulletin is formed by the editorial board in accordance with the provisions on peer review and is allowed to be printed by the decision of the Science Council of the Institute.

The publication  has the  following goals:
- to ensure transparent, objective, unbiased review of materials accepted for consideration;
-to form  a specialized editorial board with full coverage of specializations in agricultural sphere;
regulate  the attestation process of scientists of different ranks  by determining their ratings in  scientific databases;
- to assist  the functioning of postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, activities of the specialized council D 08.853.01 for the candidate and doctoral
 dissertations defense  in Ukrainian majors  06.01.05 "Selection and Seed Production" and 06.01.09 "Crop Production";
- to highlight  the experimental studies results and best practices  in order to familiarize  farms specialists , private farmers, heads of agricultural corporations with the achievements  of the Institute’s scientists and its research stations network;
- to expand partnerships with Ukrainian and foreign publishing houses, scientific and educational institutions, specialized libraries;
- to guarantee the publication of each issue  in due time.

 The policy of the journal is based on the implementation of  Ukraine’s scientists’ Code of Ethics and meets the principles of novelty, relevance, objectivity and copyright protection. of New  issue copies of the bulletin are shipped according to the “List of Institutions and Organizations to which scientific publications must be sent, in which the main results of the dissertations are published,” and  according to agreements between institutions. To purchase a printed copy of the journal one needs to contact the editors at the Institute, and then to transfer money to the enterprise’s bank account  .

The priority  in this publication’s popularization  and ratings increase  is to join the  following scientific databases: Google Academy, Index Copernicus, and in the future - Scopus and Web of Science. The journal has the international standard serial number ISSN 2311-6609 as a printed periodical; Ukraine’s  “Certificate of state registration  as a printed publication of the mass media” ( No. 22823-12723 PR).

In accordance with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine order (dated March 6, 2015  No. 261), "Bulletin of  the Steppe zone Agriculture  Institute at the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine"   renewed its Certification and was included in the “List of scientific specialized publications of Ukraine”. The activities of the editorial board and the journal publishing house are governed by the founding Enterprise’s charter and the Bulletin’s charter.

Articles are published in Russian and English, which makes it possible to broaden the scope of readers and the authors of the magazine. During a year, 70–90 articles by  agriculture scientists are published, of this number 30–50%  are written by authors from other institutions and commercial companies. The total number of pages in  one issue is about 200.

Today the Scientific Journal "Grain Cultures" is included in category "B" of the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 15.10.2019 № 1301, Series "Agricultural Sciences")

The Bulletin’s editorial office invites interested parties  (representatives of various government and commercial organizations) to work together to publish, distribute, financially support  the Bulletin and to promote   the scientific achievements of the State Enterprise “ Grain Crops at  Ukraine’s National Academy of Agricultural Sscience”.

 For more information  kindly contact:  State Enterprise “ Institute of Grain Crops”, Vul. V. Vernadskogo, 14 Dnipro,  49000 UKRAINE tel./fax  +380 562 732-42-88

Assistant editor Ms. Zavalypich Natalya Oleksandrovna tel. +380987843869