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Published articles are available on the website of the National Librarynamed after V. Vernadsky  


  is the largest library in Ukraine, the country’s main scientific and information center. It  is included in the top ten largest national libraries in the world; its collection  has  over 15 million  books.


To promote the publication and increase its rating  we  find it a priority  to join the science-metric databases  Google Academy’s.

is a free search engine, with the full text indexation for scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. It offers a broad search for scientific literature using a unified request form, allows   to search in various disciplines and from different sources. https://scholar.google.com.ua/citations?hl=ru&user=R4aFA0kAAAAJ


is the main information and analytical system for assessing the publication activity and citation of authors, organizations, journals, accumulating more than 2 million publications from more than 2000 journals. This database allows tomake an effective large-scale bibliography search on a topic or subject of interest. https://journals.indexcopernicus.com/search/details?id=66666


This association of scientific publications publishers  (journals, monographs, conference materials collections) is created to develop and support the global high-tech infrastructure for scientific communications.


In the future, our journal will be registered in the largest databases Scopus and Web of Science. These science metric bases ensure the registration of scientists’ and institutions’ publications and their citation statistics. The publication has an international standard serial number ISSN 2311-6609 for  printed periodicals.