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Review and Licensing

Review and Licensing

The main stages of reviewing articles in the scientific journal "Grain Crops":

1. The purpose of reviewing scientific articles prior to publication in the scientific journal "Grains Crops" is to preserve and improve the scientific level of the publication.
2. In order to avoid prejudice, the scientific articles reviewing process occurs with the personal data anonymity of the reviewer and the author/ authors.
3. The initial evaluation of the scientific materials submitted to the editorial board takes place if there are formal  indicators  that  the article  meets the requirements of the editorial board (For authors).
4. The editor-in-chief, together with the members of the editorial board, designates reviewers for the submitted work, they will then be       responsible for the qualitative assessment of the provided materials.

5. At the next stage, after careful analysis of the article, the reviewers provide a general conclusion:
to recommend an article for publication;
    - to change the text taking into account comments and suggestions;
    - not to recommend for publication.

The final conclusion design regarding the article publication: the reviewer is obliged to indicate in the form the factors that influenced his decision.
6. Responsibilities of reviewers when reviewing articles:
   - to note the level of relevance of the research presented in the publication;
   - to determine the correctness of the selected methods for statistical evaluation of the obtained data;
   - to evaluate the style of the submitted materials;
   - to indicate the conclusions completeness and correctness;
   - to issue a reasoned conclusion regarding the publishing possibility for the reviewed work.

7. In case of the author(s) disagreement with the reviewer’s final conclusion the article may be transferred to another reviewer. The second reviewer’s decision will be final, regardless of the author(s)’s further arguments and explanations.

8. A scanned copy of the review arranged in accordance with the requirements, the reviewer e-mails to  the editors.

9. In turn, the editors are obliged to send the author(s), an electronic copy of the review (while maintaining the anonymity of the reviewer’s personal data) with the conclusion regarding publication.


Open Access Declaration

The editorial board of the scientific journal “Grain Crops” in its work adheres to a policy of openness, which is confirmed by the free and indefinite placement of published materials on the journal’s webpage and electronic catalogs and libraries immediately after the release. The newly published articles are available in full text format and are placed on the official website in the “Current issue” section, previous issues articles are placed in the“Archive”tab.

It should be noted that the scientific journal "Grain Crops" is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY license. This contributes to solving a whole range of issues, such as: downloading, copying, etc., as well as quoting or referring to the article’s full text version in this scientific edition.


License Terms and Copyright

License terms: the author(s) retain copyright and provide the journal with the right to publish original publications that are not under consideration for publication in other publications and contain the results of experimental and theoretical studies. All published materials are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY license, which allows to distribute an article acknowledging the authorship of this work and the first publication in this journal.

In the case when the publication is accepted for publication in the journal "Grains Crops", the author (s) must sign a license agreement on the terms of use of the scientific article in the journal and mail it (the original)  to the editors’ postal address or email  the scanned copy of the original to their  e-address (inst1930@gmail.com ).

By signing this agreement, the author (s) certifies that the submitted for publication material is original and does not violate the other persons’ (organizations’) copyrights and has not been published before or has not been submitted for publication in other publications.

The author transfers to the "Grains Crops" journal editorial board the right :
- to distribute printed and electronic versions of the article;
- to translate  the article into English, Ukrainian and to distribute printed and electronic versions of the translation.
The author (s) reserves the right without the consent of the editorial board:
- to demonstrate the research results in whole or in part for educational purposes;
- to use fully or partially the published material for writing own dissertation, thesis, conference reports, as well as oral presentations;
- to place electronic copies of the article (including a complete electronic version downloaded from the journal’s official web site) on personal, non-commercial, open access web-resources.

In all cases, the presence of a bibliographic link to the article or hyperlinks to its electronic copy on the journal’s official website is mandatory.




In order to counteract plagiarism, the editorial board notifies the author(s) of personal responsibility for the originality (authenticity) of the publication content; to avoid borrowings from other works or using the third-party research results, the author(s) must adhere to the ethics of scientific citation.

In order to avoid plagiarism in the published materials, the editorial board of "Grains Crops" journal performs the following steps:

- checks the article using  anti-plagiarism software AntiPlagiarism.net to detect  the presence of borrowings from the third parties’  work without appropriate         references to the source;

- if the submitted article has signs of plagiarism, it will be returned to the author.


Publication ethics


The editorial board of the scientific journal "Grains Crops" adheres to the provisions of the "Code of Conduct and Recommendations for Best Practices for Journal Editors" and the "Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers" developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and believes that the ethical aspects of publication are an important part of the editorial work and the review process.

In addition, we publish materials of dissertations for obtaining a scientific degree of a doctor and a candidate of agricultural sciences. The publication is designed for researchers of the agricultural sector research institutions, universities’ faculty, doctoral students, post graduate students, specialists, graduate students.